Taunton Athletics Club

June 15, 2022 | , |

Taunton Athletic Club caters for athletes of all ages and abilities, from county standard and beyond. As a club they have high expectations and requirements from a kit supplier and have been successfully partnered with Kukri Sports since 2018.

We recently caught up with Robert Brown, who is a Team Leader at the club, to discuss his background at the club, their requirements from a kit supplier and what their experience has been like when working with Kukri Sports.

When did you realise you needed to source a new kit provider and why did you choose Kukri Sports?

“It was on a cold and windy February day in 2018, at the National Cross-Country Championships, that I had my first experience of being in charge of 35 young Taunton AC athletes. Keeping track of them amongst thousands of other runners was a difficult task as they only had matching vests on, which for 90% of the day, weren’t on show.

I contact a few kit providers, but Kukri’s representative, Lloyd Alley, responded promptly and pro-actively, so it was quickly agreed that we would deal with Kukri from then on.”

Why is it so important to have the right kit for your athletes?

“Being part of a team is essential to our athletes. It helps them form friendships and to support each other when things are not going to plan and to share in each other’s triumphs from a young age. Taunton AC believes co-ordinated kit helps create that cohesive bond between our members who have continued to invest in the quality kit.

The vest is the most critical garment to get right and we did and continue to work closely with Kukri to develop and improve the fit and feel of the garment, and we will soon be launching a technical vest range for our athletes.

Competitions run throughout the year, from the heat of summer to the sinter snow. It is essential that warm, dry and reliable garments are available to our members. Kukri offer an excellent range of t-shirts, shorts, track suits, hoodies, waterproofs and insulated jackets on the dedicated Taunton AC online shop.

We have developed a fantastic working relationship with the Kukri team and Taunton AC’s athletes wear their kit with confidence and pride.”

To learn more about Taunton AC visit www.tauntonac.org