We empower peak performance through industry leading sportswear.


We reflect the passion of sport in everything we do.


We take great pride in delivering an unrivalled service to our customers.


We focus on the needs, individuality and style of our customers.


The Kukri Initiative: Our Commitment to Change.

A company wide initiative has been created to reflect our values and ongoing commitment to change. Reducing our impact on the planet as well as continuing to care for all those who manufacture and wear our product around the world is our promise.

We promise:

  • To reduce our impact on the planet as well as to care for those who manufacture and wear our products.
  • To use recycled materials where possible from packages to fibres.
  • To reduce our waste and impact on the planet.
  • To maintain high ethical standards throughout the business.
  • To regularly review our goals and challenge ourselves to be as sustainable as possible.

To read the full social responsibility statement click here


The DNA of Kukri Sports dates back to 1979, when the British Army Gurkhas and RAF joined together to create a stronger rugby club, the Flying Kukris. They officially became one club, when in true Kukri Sports tradition, a tailor was tasked with stitching the shirts of both clubs together to create a bespoke playing kit.

In 1999, we were inspired by and created with the same values as that of the Army and RAF soldiers in the Flying Kukris. These being: quality, passion, diversity, professionalism and teamwork.

Our mission from the outset was to give clubs a choice, an identity, and to be proud of their club colours. With quality product and a professional service, we quickly established ourselves as a leading sports brand.

From humble beginnings, we now pride ourselves on being an international sportswear manufacturer supplying bespoke teamwear for over 100 sports.

We have 8 offices around the world, from North America to Australasia, with our global headquarters in the UK.