Kukri Celebrates Inspirational Women 365 Days a Year

March 6, 2020 | |

Sunday 8th March sees the annual global celebration of International Woman’s Day, a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

As a brand we work with inspiring female athletes 365 days a year, helping them achieve their ambitions and achieve great things in sport be it a personal best or a gold medal win

We are showcasing a series of these amazing women in sport and asking them who inspires them and what they want to achieve through the power of sport.

We start with Jenny Meadows who is firmly established as one of Britain’s leading female athletes. Jenny has represented Great Britain since 2000 and set about establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with, not only on the national circuit but on the international arena at large. After a long and successful career Jenny retired in 2016 and now inspires and mentors’ others using her wealth of experience and talent to encourage the next generation of athletes.

Career Highlight

“My Sporting career highlight would be my first International medal as the first time you do anything it always feels so special.  It was an 800m Bronze medal at the World Championships held in Berlin in 2009.  I had an outside chance of a medal going into that Championships however I knew if I stuck to my race plan, believed in myself and didn’t lose faith or get distracted then I could pull it off.  I will never forget the lap of honour I did around the track afterwards and the pride I felt.”


“I am an ambitious person by nature and I’m glad about that.  I have many aspirations, mostly involving experiencing more things and improving at everything that I do.  I commentated for World Athletics at the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha and I got such a buzz from being there, close up to the action and being able to talk viewers through what the athletes were experiencing.  It was a great learning opportunity too as I was co-commentating with other more experienced people and part of a wider team of experts in what they do.  I’m keen to keep doing more!  I’ve also recently become a Director of an amazing company called Totally Runable.  We are specialists in working with schools to assess the physical activity levels and confidence of young people.  If there is a link between physical activity and confidence within a School then we work with staff to address this, particularly if there is a Gender Sport Gap.  I’m passionate about working with young people to build confidence, increase resilience and help them develop a growth mindset.  Watch this space for some exciting projects we are working on!”

Female Inspiration:

“I’ve always marvelled how my own Mum holds everything together over the years and furthermore, how she does it with a smile on her face and without complaining.   She is the person who has made me believe in myself and reach my own career goals.  In terms of Athletics, then my childhood inspiration and role model was Sally Gunnell, World and Olympic 400mH Champion for Great Britain & N.I.  I can still remember how nervous I felt for her as she lined up for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and then her reaction when she crossed the line to win.  As a young female athlete, it was really important for me to see her be successful as it gave me the belief that I could too and the desire to go out there and try. “

Kukri is passionate about encouraging participation in sport at all levels and this is something we actively promote through our network of partners and their inspirational athletes. We believe in the benefits of sport for both physical and mental wellbeing and aim to inspire people of any age across all genders and abilities.

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