Behind the Scenes | Alex Haydock-Wilson

February 22, 2019 | |

In October 2018 we announced the launch of our new Core Range, our most innovative, fashion forward apparel range to date. The photoshoot for our launch took place on campus at Loughborough University and featured some up-and-coming student athletes.

We caught up with Alex Haydock-Wilson to get an insight into student athlete life, what motivates him and his thoughts on the Core Range from Kukri Sports. Alex is a Materials Engineer student at Loughborough University, he’s also a very talented sprinter. Alex has recently won a bronze medal in the 400m at the British indoor senior championships in Birmingham.

Alex, what are your main motivations for sprinting competitively?

I feel an amazing rush of freedom whenever I take to the track. For me, the ability to captivate people who watch me compete offers a chance to influence change where I can. I don’t just want to be a fast runner; I want to inspire character growth in others. Starting with my family & friends, and outwards as far as possible. I hope to show what unfettered passion can achieve.

What have been your major achievements so far in athletics?

Achieving what I’ve achieved in the space of time I have, with the background I have, will always be a great testimony to the work me and my coach have put in. But the biggest single achievement so far is winning bronze at U20 world championships this summer in the 4x400m. It felt like we’d come out on top of insurmountable odds, and it’ll be hard to beat.

What are your long-term goals in both athletics and education?

For athletics I hope to compete in the Olympic games and have a world class career. In education I hope to achieve a masters in my course. After I retire from athletics I can’t wait to explore the options my degree will offer.

How do you combine sport and study? Are there any significant challenges?

If anything, I appreciate the fact I get to do both at an advanced level, as each one provides a counterbalance for the other. During the intense periods it’s mentally draining, but there’s a great feeling of achievement after getting through it. I like to draw parallels between the two to make things feel more familiar. For instance, in engineering a big aspect of mechanics is efficiency, which in sprinting is essential.

Finally, what do you think of the new Kukri Sports Core Range?

Before this range I only knew of Kukri as a bespoke brand. After seeing the new Core Range, I was surprised by how well fitted and fashionable the clothing was. The style and materials feel as if a lot of work and research has been put in to achieve the best quality. It’s changed my view of the brand a whole.