Over To Kukri To Kit Out Commonwealth Games England!

We’re so proud to announce that we’re to be the Official Kit Supplier to Commonwealth Games England (CGE) Whooo!

Everyone at Kukri is just so excited that we’ll be the ones to supply all England delegation and competition wear for next year’s games…we’re also so relieved to be able to tell everyone, having been sworn to secrecy for months!!

The contract, signed at St George’s Park, Burton, will also see us produce an exclusive range of replica team products for England fans and comes after months of consultation and research which included the involvement of a panel of athletes who contributed to the design process.

Our founder and Group Managing Director Phil Morris said: “Kukri is incredibly proud that Commonwealth Games England has chosen us, as an upcoming sportswear brand headquartered in Preston, England, to provide their kit. It shows just how far we’ve come since we started in 1999. We’re already working very hard to provide our unique style of team identity, through made to order designs and custom fits to the many shapes and sizes of athletes and delegates. They’re all going to look great!”

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