The evolution of school sportswear

January 12, 2016 I , I

Looking back at my time in school, my week was focused around what we were going to be doing in PE that week. Was it football? Gymnastics? Rugby? Maybe even the dreaded cross country run? One thing remained consistent across all of these sports – the heavy cotton, long-sleeve rugby jersey we had to wear. If you were lucky you may also have had a fetching cotton vest for your indoor PE lessons.

School sportswear wasn’t attractive and it certainly didn’t support athletic development in any sport, let alone the wide range of sports that are covered during your school life. The advances in fabrics and reduction in manufacturing costs now allows schools to provide their pupils with kit that ensures they reach their potential on the field.

There are studies which suggest being engaged in sports can support higher achievement and also help to develop soft skills that employers are increasingly looking for. Why is it that pupils are often made to participate in sub-standard kits?

Over a number of years working within the education sector, we’ve developed sportswear that is as durable and multi-purpose as the infamous reversible rugby jersey, but more suited to athletic performance and development.

Our Eyedroplet fabric is breathable and has wicking properties to make your pupils more comfortable on those cross country runs. The great thing about Eyedroplet is that it’s incredibly flexible; it can be used for polo shirts, t-shirts, vests, shorts and many more sporting garments.

When it comes to inter-school competitions, we’ve got performance garments for over 100 sports. Whatever the sport is, your pupils can excel by wearing our industry leading sportswear.

Philip Molyneux

Product Developer